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Playing and Winning TPL 2014

The TPL 2014 is a two-day competition for corporate teams. All teams MUST have a designated team captain, and must be pre-registered to participate in the competition.
The objective of the TPL competition is for every team to understand a business situation (case study), and prepare an IT strategy that is aligned to the business needs of the organization


DAY 1: Solution Day

  1. All participating teams have been introduced to two industries. You can see them here:
    Industry Background 1
    Industry Background 2
  2. All teams in participating in TPL2014 in Mumbai will get the SAME case study from one of these industries. Each team will receive the case study in a sealed cover that will also contain the problem statements.
  3. The teams need to carefully read the assigned case study, and formulate their solution approaches for various business departments (e.g. sales, finance, HR, operations, etc) for the organization covered in the case study
  4. To help you solve the case study, and come up with a winning solution, we have organized a number of activities for all teams: a. Solution Sessions: There will be some talks and presentations by technology experts that will be relevant to the case study. b. At the TPL Café session, you will have the opportunity to learn from and share with your peers from other teams on how to manage similar situations at your own workplace. c. In the Business Alignment workshop, you will get insights into how to align IT strategy with the overall organizational business strategy, and how to identify IT projects to support them. The workshop will use examples from your own organization to demonstrate the necessary techniques. d. Technology Workshops: At technology workshops, you will have the opportunity to ask detailed questions, and get advice from experts. Each workshop will be conducted two time slots—so check the schedule on your agenda, and at the halls
  5. All teams have to prepare TWO presentations for Day 2. You will get standard templates for this. The objective of the presentations is to present your ideas to the Board of Directors for approval and sanction. a. The first presentation is the “ELEVATOR PITCH”. This has a fixed format. Do not change it. Make sure you fill in all slides. b. The second part is the “DETAILED PROPOSAL”. There are no limits to number of slides or slide designs for this presentation. This presentation should describe the detailed action plan for ONE business department. 6. You can take the help of the technical consultants/experts for preparing your solutions. You can also ask your friends, colleagues, or use the Internet to find the answers. Use ALL your HELP LINES—if you want to win this
  6. contest, and the big prize.
    Make REASONABLE assumptions while you prepare your solutions.
  7. During dinner time, teams can practice speaking from the stage, and prepare for Day 2.

DAY 2: Competition Day

  1. You have time until 10:30 am on Day 2 to finish and submit BOTH presentations. All presentations MUST be received by this deadline by the tournament organizers. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
  2. No changes, additions or deletions will be allowed after the presentations are submitted.
  3. Every team participating in TPL2014 will be invited to make the “Elevator Pitch”.
  4. Each team will have exactly 5 minutes to make the Elevator Pitch, and convince the jury that they should go to the final round.
  5. The jury will listen to, and evaluate every presentation.
  6. Only SIX (6) teams will make it to the “Detailed Proposal” round—and contest for the grand prize. Out of these, 5 will be based on the overall score (judges + online voting), and one will be a wild card entry.
  7. We also have special awards for the teams that make the best use of a specific technology in for a business solution.
  8. The final winners of TPL2014 Mumbai will be selected on the basis of jury scores and audience votes in the “Detailed Proposal” round.

Important Notes

1. Restrictions: Like every real life situation, the TPL 2014 contest also has some constraints or boundary conditions. You can ONLY use the solutions/technologies that have been discussed during the sessions for your solutions. Do NOT use other solutions/technologies, even if you are aware of them.

2. Elevator Pitch: Think of the elevator pitch as a presentation being made to the Board of Directors for sanctioning your project proposals and ideas. You MUST adhere to the sequence and format of the elevator pitch template that has been provided. No changes, builds or animations are allowed in the presentation (violations will be penalized or disqualified). Each slide has separate marks allocated to it. Make sure you compete all sections.

3. Wild Card : You opt to play a “Wild Card” during the elevator pitch. Choose any one of the department slides in your elevator pitch as your wild card. Inform the tournament advisors, at the time of submitting your Elevator Pitch presentation about your selected slide.

You will get additional marks for the wildcard slide as follows:
(a) The marks awarded by the jury for the wild card slide will be doubled.
(b) You will also get additional wild card points for that slide in inverse proportion to the number of teams choosing the same slide for a wild card. For example, if five teams out of 20 play the wild card on slide 4, then each of them will get an additional (1-(4/20))*10 = 8 points for that slide. Obviously, if fewer teams choose a specific slide as their wild card, the higher will be the score.

4. Presenters: The elevator pitch presentation should be made by only by one (or more) team members. The Team Captain is NOT allowed to make the Elevator Pitch. The Detailed Proposal presentation can be made by any team member, including the team captain.

5. Online voting: During the Elevator Pitch, you can secure additional points for your team through our online voting page. Invite friends, colleagues and peers to vote for your team, and get bonus points.

6. Selection Criteria:
a. The weightage of the scores during the Elevator Pitch round is
i. Jury score+ wild card: 90%
ii. Online voting: 10%
b. The weightage of scores in the “Detailed Proposal” round is:
i. Jury score: 80%
ii. Team votes: 20%


Ist Prize

Trip to
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2nd Prize

Weekend vacation
at 5 star location

3rd Prize

Travel Bag

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