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  1. TPL 2014 is a great way for IT managers to prepare themselves for bigger roles and enhanced responsibilities. It is an opportunity for senior IT managers to bond and network with each other, and with peers from similar organizations. TPL 2014 also provides a platform for interacting and learning from experts, sharing views and getting new insights into solving problems.
  2. Just as in real life, the participating teams will encounter practical business problems, an information overload, complex choices and trade-offs, and dramatic situation changes. The pressure is intense—and the challenge is to come up with a winning solution.
  3. The winning teams and solutions will be featured in 9.9 Media’s publications (IT Next and CIO & Leader magazines). The top team in each city will win a free trip to Las Vegas, USA. The runner-up teams will win weekend holiday packages, gift vouchers and other gifts. Plus, there are special prizes, and everyone gets a participation certificate.
  4. Over two days all participants will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about technology, interact with top technology consultants, hone problem solving skills and practice teamwork. They will get new perspectives on problems, learned about innovative approaches, gained new insights into the thinking styles of senior executives—and built new relationships with peers across organizations.
  1. The TPL 2014 contest will be conducted over two days in an off-site location, and will involve 25 selected teams in Delh/NCR, Mumbai and Banglore.

  2. Each 3-Member team will be led by the CIO/IT Head and will have 2 (max) IT managers.
  • Teams representing companies operating out of India are eligible to participate in TPL 2014. Companies that are eligible for TPL 2014 should have had revenues exceeding Rs 500 crore in the past financial year.
  • Each participating team can have a maximum of two team members, plus a captain. The team has to be captained by the organization’s CIO or Head of IT. The team can include people from IT functions like planning, strategy, operations, databases, application development & support, MIS, etc.
  • The TPL 2014 contest is NOT open to professionals in IT business development, IT marketing, IT consulting or software development roles, particularlily in ITES organizations.
  • All team members must have a manager or equivalent designation, with 5+ years of full-time work experience. Team members with junior designations will not be allowed to participate.
  • All team members must be full-time employees of the organization, or equivalent. In-sourced IT staff, 3rd party consultants, advisors, etc., are not eligible to represent the organization in TPL 2014.
  • All applications for the TPL 2014 must be endorsed and supported by the CIO or IT Head of the organization. The CIO or IT head has to participate in the TPL 2014 as the team captain, and act as a guide and advisor to the team.
  • A maximum of 25 teams per city (Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) will be selected for participation in TPL 2014.
  • Only one team from an organization will be allowed to participate in the TPL 2014 competition across the three cities.
  • Teams will be allowed to nominate one additional or substitute team member in the application form.


Ist Prize

Trip to
Las Vegas

2nd Prize

Weekend vacation
at 5 star location

3rd Prize

Travel Bag

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